Birthday Week

Once upon a time this same web host had a site entitled I Am When, or simply During the period between when Proverbs, LLC stopped producing software for sale online and now, when it has returned to its original purpose of creating the video game Omega Connection, existed. It was essentially an outlet for whatever thoughts came my way that were important for me, ranging from providing accurate formulas for gravitation at any scale (quantum to large celestial bodies) to my ongoing hobby of robotics to Artificial Intelligence/Life.

At some point there was an update to the web servers that and then resided on and the website was broken. As I had taken on a full time job and effectively abandoned Proverbs, LLC at the time I never bothered to fix the website and in dormancy it remained.  Proverbs has obviously reemerged with the goal of finally designing, developing and launching the game Omega Connection.

While I will be writing a post sooner or later on the reasons this is basically a blog website where I release every bit of proprietary knowledge I have on creating such a massive game, we can at this point say that it is mostly a personal blog from the lead designer and developer for the video game. It is still about the video game Omega Connection though; and, at times, I do miss the freedom that I had when it was just  The joys of writing about whatever thought or idea entered into my head.  The freedom to be free in what I wrote.

To that end, I have decided that for this week – my birthday week – I will use this blog for anything (within limits of course, this is still a company after all). But instead of only focusing on Omega Connection the game or Omega Connection Online, I will allow myself a little leeway in topic.  Granted it will all have to do with program development and the indie dev community (or my favorite topic… ME), but just a little looser and shakier than normal.

So, without further adieu, and for one week only, I present revisited, the game developer edition…

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