About Proverbs

Proverbs, LLC is an American video game publisher founded in July 2001 as a generalized software development company based in St Petersburg, Florida.  Proverbs released several cutting edge Open Source and proprietary software applications through January 2015 when the company split off its technology support business into a separate corporation.  In July of 2016, fifteen years after its founding, Proverbs redesigned itself as a video game publisher and released its first game on Google Play in December of that same year.

Proverbs creates and publishes original interactive entertainment for the PC and mobile devices.  Proverbs’ innovative entry into the video game market began with the development of groundbreaking technology in virtual reality (VR) with the release of 3Z Incursion.  3Z Incursion, a VR game designed initially for Google Cardboard, debuted an alternate approach to combatting VR sickness in video games, opening the genre to persons previously unable to enjoy virtual or augmented reality simulations.

Proverbs’ currently has three new games under development:  Omega Connection, a fantasy action role-playing game with an innovative approach to procedurally generated content for the Windows PC; 3Z Incursion Redux, a re-envisioning of the post-apocalyptic zombie killer VR game for Oculus and Steam VR; and The AeroGames, a multiplayer VR team sport with a focus on making what is physical reality impossible into virtual reality plausible.