Introducing Omega Connection

It will take a while to cover all of the concepts and design ideas that are planned to go into Omega Connection and, I imagine, those ideas will evolve and change some over the course of game development, but here’s the elevator pitch…

Once upon a time you died. Or rather at the moment of your death your essence was snatched up by an immortal race of beings known as The Keepers and you are reconstituted on a small moon someplace else in the multiverse. The Keepers explain that since the beginning of time the forces of Order and Chaos have waged war in a never ending struggle for dominance over the creation of the Universe. All Universes. This moon is one such battlefield.

The Keepers strive for balance and harmony in creation and have been using their talents to keep the war from tipping to one faction or the other, but the Keepers lack the power to create. Thus they searched the multiverse until they had found a sentient species which possessed not only the power to create, but one which also best represented the balance between Order and Chaos: the human race. And so here, on this battlefield, they have gathered humans the moment before their unnatural deaths to help shape the creation of the moon.

The setting on the moon is one of medieval style fantasy and begins in the only area created by the game developers. Far off in the distance and in all directions can be seen a shimmering, swirling mass of colors and lights – the Order and Chaos battle fields – walled in by the power of the Keepers to prevent creation by either faction. Occasionally the turmoil within might grow too fierce and a creature (or hundred) will break free into the formed land, but for the most part the Keepers prevent the battle from spilling out.

At each such wall lies a gateway created and kept by one of the Keepers. These gateways can be opened only by proving to its Keeper, through quest or other such action, that you possess the skill and fortitude necessary to shape the land beyond into substance, ending the conflict between Order and Chaos for that region. When a gateway is opened, your past actions and deeds will determine the land created beyond and the wall will be shattered.

What does this mean exactly? Well, say you played as an adventuring sort, then the new region of land might contain forests and mountains full of danger and intrigue for you to explore. Perhaps you spent much of your time stealing from others in the towns and cities, the new region might contain a vast kingdom ripe for plunder or maybe it will be desert as far as the eye can see with caravans traveling from oasis city to oasis city in trade.

In order to accomplish this, we are not only creating a whole new game engine to explore and interact with the 3D environment, but also a generation engine to dynamically create a new landscape, a quest engine to drive gameplay, and multiple levels of artificial intelligence to keep the characters and creatures interesting. Effectively a game that creates itself around you. This is Omega Connection.

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